Meet your child’s care team!


At Carolina Pediatrics of the Triad, we hope your family comes to see us as your child’s medical home.  This not only includes your child’s primary pediatrician, but also involves help from our other care team members.  Together, we strive to provide high quality, evidence-based medical care for your family.

Our Doctors

All of our physicians are board-certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.
Click here to learn more about about our providers of Carolina Pediatrics Of The Triad. 

Triage Nurses

During regular office hours, our families receive timely support and guidance from our in-house triage nurses and our RN triage service.

Nurses/Medical Assistants

Our physicians are supported by nurses and medical assistants who room the patients, obtain vital signs, lab tests, give vaccines and assist the physicians in many other ways. 

Front Office

Our front office staff is here to greet our patients, check families in and out of the office, obtain and organize outside medical records, and help supply families with the forms and documentation they need.

Scheduling Team

Our scheduling team works diligently to help patients see their physician for well child care in addition to sick/urgent visits. Click here to request an appointment.

Mental Health

We have a doctor devoted to the evaluation and management of learning/school difficulties, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and other mental health related concerns.Click here to learn more.

Healthy Steps

Healthy Steps is a Guilford Country program for patient’s 0-4 years old assisting with community resources, parenting, and development. Click here to learn more about our Healthy Steps Program.

In-Office Lab

7 days a week we have dedicated staff preparing and running common lab tests in-house to save families an additional trip to an outside lab. 

Office Management Team

Running our office includes a team of staff including our family liaison, QI coordinator, billing specialists, and our management team.

Breastfeeding Support

Carolina Pediatrics of the Triad is proud to partner with Greensboro Lactation Consultants in order to provide timely, in-office support to nursing mothers.  Click here to learn more about our in-office lactation services.

After Hours Care

Outside of regular office hours, families can obtain further guidance from our 24-hour RN triage service.  Parents can use this resource to get healthcare advice on everything from belly aches to bee stings. In addition, one of our pediatricians is always on call to provide further information and/or direction as needed.

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